Chicago Community ToolBank’s vision is to equip all communities with tools for change!

The Chicago Community ToolBank serves nonprofits including schools, government agencies, neighborhood associations, and faith-based organizations by lending high quality tools to support their work in the community. Our warehouse will hold a massive inventory of hammers, ladders, drills, generators, wheelbarrows, and more types of pliers than you knew existed. The ToolBank is new to the Chicago area, but has been in existence in Atlanta for almost 25 years. Chicago is the ninth ToolBank across the United States.

Our tools are available to nonprofits at 3% of the retail cost per week for up to 6 weeks. This means groups can equip volunteers to build playgrounds, paint schools, clean parks, plant trees and gardens, and build ramps for veterans at a fraction of the cost. $100 worth of tools will cost $3 for the week!

We’re thankful for these corporate sponsors.